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LIVE FROM COP26: Green Colonialism Threatening Life of the Arctic and the Livelihood of Indigenous Peoples

By Student Delegate Mackenzie Bindas COP26 provided a narrow opportunity for diverse communities to show how climate change impacts their livelihoods directly and the urgent need for climate action. Media used to convey these climate messages include films, music, artwork, … Continue reading

Eyes on SIDS at COP26: How one country tracks zooplankton dynamics towards climate ready fisheries and food security

By Student Delegate Mackenzie Bindas For some time now, vulnerable coastal communities and small island nations who rely on the ocean environment have been at increasingly high risk of climate-driven changes impacting food security.  Coastal communities and small island nations … Continue reading

Seagrass: A Blue-Green Investment in our Future

By Student Delegate Mariah Harrod This past summer, the Government of Seychelles amended its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to set stronger safeguards for its coastal wetlands. The updated NDC sought protection and restoration for seagrass and mangroves, in particular, committing … Continue reading

Carbon Offsets Raise Needed Money For Climate Mitigation Projects, But Using Them To Excuse Emissions Raises Serious Doubts

Carbon credits, or offsets, have become such a familiar feature of the climate change response landscape that they’ve even earned a euphemism, “nature-based solutions.” The desire to speak of “solutions” rather than the unfashionable “offsets” betrays some of the controversy … Continue reading

No adjustors, no lawyers, no paperwork…no problems on financial support for loss and damage

Blockchain technology may simplify the process for farmers to access insurance payouts for loss and damage from climate events. Parties have only a few days remaining to make decisions about which way Article 6, the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the … Continue reading

Should COP25 Re-brand? A “Show Me the Money!” Mentality

Center stage, COP25 seems to be all about money. The negotiations regarding climate finance and adaptation have made little progress this past week because of an ongoing conflict that has dominated negotiations since before the Kyoto Protocol: developed versus developing nations, … Continue reading

Progress on the Margins, For the Marginalized

Money, finance, moolah, whatever you want to call it, it is truly what the negotiations at COP seem to be all about. Progress is slow when it comes to two main issues we are tracking here at COP25, Article 6 … Continue reading

Business and Blue Carbon are a Necessary Alliance

By Student Delegate Isabella Smith According to the Carbon Majors Report, just 100 companies have been responsible for more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. Yet industry does not have any formal obligation in negotiations like … Continue reading

Sea Level Rise is Happening Now, and We Have Options

By Student Delegate Isabella Smith Reports about sea-level rise worldwide are quite grim. A study done by Cornell University estimates rising seas could result in two billion climate refugees by 2100. And this is not just a distant, future issue … Continue reading

The Kids are (All)Right: How the Youth are Inspiring Change

By Student Delegate Paige Beyer  On August 20, 2018 Greta Thunberg skipped school. Alone, she sat outside the Swedish parliament for the entirety of the school day with a hand-painted sign: school strike for climate. What started as a singular … Continue reading