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Seabirds Could Lead Ocean Conservation Efforts Soaring

By Student Delegate Samantha Morrison  The  Seychelles  has  been successful  in  creating  a  network  of  protected  areas  and  reviving  endangered  avian  species. Continued research on seabird distributions and habitats could lead States like the Seychelles to have better-informed planning for … Continue reading

Deeper Dive into the Blue New Deal

by Vanessa Brown In my last blog post, I argued that the Ocean Climate Action Plan (“OCAP” or “Blue New Deal”) would shape Biden’s climate policy and provide the framework for the United States’ Paris Agreement re-entry. In this post … Continue reading

COP 2020 Delegation

Sarah Reiter – Professor/ Delegation Leader Professor Reiter is experienced in managing large teams and negotiating complex natural resource policy issues. Professor Reiter’s work spans research on the ocean’s seafloor to its uppermost polar region, and has played a role … Continue reading


The science is essentially unchallenged, climate activism has reached a crescendo, and U.N. climate negotiators are once again poised to punt. What went wrong, and why isn’t anyone here surprised? How is it that the U.N. has been taking shots … Continue reading

COP25’s Move to Spain: Leaving Civil Society Out in the Cold?

On October 30th, the Chilean government announced it would no longer host COP25 which was to be held in Santiago, due to security concerns stemming from mass protests. The protests are a response to the country’s rising cost of living … Continue reading

Sea Level Rise & Food Security

Today, nearly a third of the global population is food insecure. The United Nations defines the four pillars of food security as: The availability of sufficient quantities of food of appropriate quality, supplied by domestic production or imports Access by … Continue reading

RGGI: An Experiment in Cap-and-Trade

The Kyoto Protocol entered into force in 2005 includes several parts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including a cap-and-trade mechanism aimed at developing a global market for reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHGs). Several countries, regions, and states have … Continue reading


The Ocean-Climate Nexus Securing a stable atmosphere and a resilient ocean for future generations The Ocean sustains all life on Earth. It produces half the oxygen every human being breathes, absorbs a quarter of all of the CO2 emitted by … Continue reading